Project: Strava Club Challenges

Strava is a social network for sportsy people (similar to Fitocracy), but focused mainly on endurance sports, such as running, cycling or swimming. It offers a great deal of options to track and analyze your training and your progress (and even more in the Premium Version) and allows you to be actually social in so-called clubs or compete in public challenges. Although I’m not talking my mobile with me for my runs, I own a Polar V800, which synchronizes my runs rather nicely to Strava.

However, the range of challenges is very limited, as there are on the one hand only a handful of always recurring distance challenges as well as unwinnable (if you’re not one of the very best top professional runners) “most kilometers in this month” challenges, which are always global, i.e. you compete with each other member of the whole Strava community. There is no option to either create your own challenges or limit them to your clubs. There are some issues opened at the Strava support (see [1-3]), but they are unfortunately not yet implemented.

Because it bugged me that a simple computer scientist like me wasn’t able to run at least one marathon per day and thus wasn’t able to ever win one of the provided challenges, I fiddled with around stravalib and the (super awesome) Django framework to create a small webapp, which now gives Strava users the possibility to log in on my app via OAuth and then create challenges for their respective clubs. The (very basic) source code can be downloaded from my BitBucket repository.

I try to have an always running version up at Anyone interested can add an issue. I’ll try to post a roadmap anytime soon, but the main features are of course to implement

  1. create a custom challenge for a club that you are a member of
  2. show your and other members’ progress and how you compare to each other
  3. make it easily usable
  4. show it to some groups and hope that it spreads a bit.

Please also note: This is still under development, prone to changes and probably not very secure. Usage is at your own risk.