Writing your thesis: A meta-list of advice!

Rather than repeating stuff that others repeatedly repeated, I’ll just list some useful and interesting links about how to write your thesis (or just another paper) with LaTeX. This list will probably steadily be extended. VERY basic approach to writing a BASIC thesis. Also still uses only BibTeX. http://texblog.org/2012/06/08/writing-a-thesis-in-latex/ Good overview over the whole process of writing a PhD thesis. This one is especially notable for the General Thesis Writing Advice in the back. http://www.dickimaw-books.com/latex/thesis/thesis-report.pdf BibLaTeX/Biber and BibSonomy (yeah, that’s mine.) http://www.thomas-niebler.de/bibsonomy-biblatex-a-powerful-combination/ A pretty general list of packages. http://www.howtotex.com/packages/9-essential-latex-packages-everyone-should-use/ Really useful (and unknown to me) packages for writing a big, long

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